Our Mission

We advocate the interests of our clients, create innovative and buildable designs, embrace the creative process, and deliver in a timely manner.

Who We Are

Water Concern, founded in 2000, is a design and consulting firm specializing in irrigation systems that provides innovative and functional design and management solutions that conserve water and other natural resources for the commercial landscape sector.

The firm is led by experienced professionals with backgrounds in Irrigation Science with a focus on soil, plant, and water relationships combined with principles of hydraulics, technical resources, and an integral respect for landscape architecture.

The experiences earned through years of water management consulting have helped to refine the firm’s innovative approach to design with many award-winning accomplishments on notable projects.

The firm has provided irrigation services for projects in the western states and many countries where water resource management is paramount to the success of the landscape.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

Brio at Westpark, Irvine, CA by Irvine Ranch Water District, 1993

The Courts at Palmia, Mission Viejo, CA by Santa Margarita Water District, 1994

Ladera Ranch, Master Planned Community Honor Award by the American Society of Irrigation Consultants (ASIC), 2000

Rancho Mission Viejo, Master Planned Community Honor Award by ASIC, 2017

Sunnylands at the Annenberg Estate Merit Award by ASIC 2017

Sendero Fields, Rancho Mission Viejo Honor Award by ASIC 2017


“Doing what you love creates intrinsic value, enhances reward, and motivates effort.”

Our Origin

Anyone with a connection to the green industry has an interesting and unique story to tell about their introduction and continued passion for their choice of career.  Just ask.

Steve Hohl, principal of Water Concern, began his career in irrigation starting with a summer job processing “diazo” blueprints for a landscape architecture firm in 1988.

It was meant to be a summer job before starting college at UC Irvine as a mechanical engineer.

While working and growing at the firm, Steve established a profound respect for the creative process of blending architectural influence, spacial experience, design development, and enhancement of community through its outdoor amenities.  It brought purpose beyond a design on a blueprint.  The summer job extended through the years learning design principles, construction, planting, commitment to quality work, customer service, and most importantly – client relationships.

With an interest in engineering and a passion for the green industry, Steve transitioned to Landscape Irrigation Science where the merging of soils, horticulture, landscape architecture, and engineering created a niche that served both talent and passion.

“Doing what you love creates intrinsic value, enhances reward, and motivates effort.”

After earning one of the first accredited degrees in Irrigation Science, Steve led an irrigation department for several years before creating Water Concern.

“My favorite part of my career is the people and the relationships sustained through the years.”

Irrigation is more than sprinklers, drip irrigation and water pressure.  It is a balance of water and resource management, efficient application, proper equipment, and understanding how the landscape is used and how it is maintained over time.

Steve was honored with the status of Fellow with the American Society of Irrigation Consultants.


"My favorite part of my career is the people and the relationships sustained through the years.”

What We Do

Water Concern provides a range of irrigation consulting services to support master planning, design guidelines, construction documentation, auditing and system analysis reporting, central control development and programming, and as-built controller chart documentation.  Our services will compliment and contribute to the success of any landscape project.

Our Team

We offer a talented and dedicated team with knowledge of irrigation design, water management, and consulting.  In addition, our leadership provides services supported through education in Landscape Irrigation Science combined with decades of project and field experience that contribute value and success to any landscape team.
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