Our Story

Each Project is distinctive and creates an opportunity to provide unique irrigation solutions.  Through the process, a story is formed…


Bad News Bears Field Renovation

West Los Angeles Little League Bad News Bears Field Renovation We were contacted by the organization to evaluate the existing three-field sports facility to improve the irrigation system, which was designed in 1979 and built in 1985 by David...

Bad News Bears Baseball field

Rancho Mission Viejo

The Villages of Sendero and Esencia consist of 33 builder neighborhoods entwined with 380 acres of common area landscape including fuel modification, community park spaces, urban farms, streetscapes, and recreation facilities.

The community landscape consists of primarily low and some moderate water use plant palettes with irrigation technologies including centralized irrigation control systems, recycled water supply, drip irrigation, advanced hydrozone planning, and digital as-built and controller chart records.

Rancho Mission Viejo

Santa Clara Square – Commercial Campus

Santa Clara Square is a unique combination of retail, commercial and apartment facilities. The commercial campus includes eleven buildings and three parking structures located within 40 acres of carefully planned, amenity oriented landscape including an existing urban forest of preserved historic Redwood trees.

The site utilizes tertiary treated recycled water for landscape; however higher concentrations of salts and chlorides commonly found in recycled water are intolerable for Redwoods. Due to strict drought regulations, potable water was not permitted for this specialized use for irrigating the preserved urban forest.

Design solutions were provided to construct a customized system to proportionally blend both potable and recycled water sources at a calculated ratio to irrigate the trees within safe sodium and chloride concentrations, but also stay within water allocations.

Santa Clara Square

Sendero Marketplace

Sendero Marketplace is a unique retail amenity with a range of small to mid-size commercial uses sharing a California friendly landscape that complements both the architecture and natural surroundings of the community. The irrigation system was...


The Historic Estate at Sunnylands

Irrigation design solutions were provided to improve tree health by designing an irrigation system to span the canopies of the tree lines and separating their irrigation from the surrounding golf course. This allowed properly managed irrigation during summer months when the course is inactive.

The trees on the 200 acre site were evaluated and irrigation construction documents were provided in tandem with the golf course renovation. The system was designed to connect to the golf system utilizing HDPE lateral piping at the outer spans of the canopies using a vibratory plow to minimize damage to root systems.

Other design work included irrigation design for the historic residence, guest suites, perimeter streetscapes, and the administration and maintenance facility.

Design efforts received the American Society of Irrigation Consultants Merit Award, 2017.


Saddleback Unified School District

The project involved renovation of the sports and play fields for all 34 schools to improve playability, reduce water use, and improving maintainability. The existing fields were evaluated for playability, soil health, and condition of the existing irrigation infrastructure. Where available, coordination with three separate water agencies allowed many of the systems to be upgraded to utilize recycled water.

The District’s irrigation standards were studied for opportunities to improve equipment performance and installation procedures. The introduction of a centralized, weather based irrigation control system with flow monitoring was established to improve the functionality and efficiency of their irrigation.

Construction documents were prepared for each school to facilitate the public bid process.

Construction administration services included pre-bid, observation, and contractor pay application reviews


Sendero Fields

Sendero fields is a beautiful combination of athletic fields, active use park space, and open space with over 12 acres of California friendly and naturalized landscape. The irrigation system was designed to use a single point of connection...


Encinitas Community Park

44 acre sports park with athletic fields, skate facility, dog park, and passive circulation experiences.

The irrigation system was designed to utilize tertiary treated recycled water with limited pressure due to proximity to an adjacent golf course. One centralized booster pump station with variable frequency drive pump logic provided a range of pressure options at higher efficiency while minimizing power consumption. A distribution pipe system delivers water to 12 centrally controlled systems allowing simultaneous flow sensing and monitoring within the prescribed watering window.


Pelican Hill Resort

Planning involved careful coordination of existing and new recycled water utilities to irrigate the entire facility. Facilities include the golf clubhouse, hotel, bungalows, villas, casitas, recreation areas, surrounding fuel modification and street landscaping.

Initial water usage analysis studies were conducted for the project to help determine the feasibility of a first flush / nuisance flow water capture system for reuse with irrigation of the onsite and adjacent golf course.

Design development drawings and construction document services provided innovative design solutions to maximize water efficiency and reduce runoff.

Pelican Hill

Ladera Ranch

Ladera Ranch consists of 8,100 homes in a master planned community with over 740 acres of common area landscape including streetscapes, slopes, greenbelts and parks, fuel modification, and recreation facilities.

Primary responsibilities:

Master planning all irrigation controls, water meters, electrical meters for developer and neighborhood builders
Preparation of design guidelines, equipment specifications, and irrigation detail drawings for all common areas - including builder installed landscapes
Irrigation demand and pressure analysis for preparation of storage and pipeline infrastructure
Construction document preparation for all developer installed streetscapes, slopes, parks, recreation facilities within the community
Neighborhood builder plan review and coordination
Construction administration services
Programming all centralized irrigation parameters

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